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New 'GET POWER' ECU from ATHENA for Yamaha TMAX 2008 > 2011

07 September 2012 11:41

''GET POWER'' is a new ECU from ATHENA engineered...

Maxi scooter tuning: Transmission

21 June 2012 12:53

The majority of maxi scooters on the market are p...

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Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019


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07 September 2012 11:41

'GET POWER' is a new ECU from ATHENA engineered by GET for Yamaha TMAX models 2008 to 2011. If you're looking for maximum performance and ease of use then this is the ECU for you. It's quick and easy to install (plug and play) and offers improved engine performance, better acceleration and throttle control. It also has an RPM limiter tuned by GET engineers to maintain drivability and performance within safety limits. The unit is also GPA ready (Get Power Assistance). By connecting the optional GPA switch you can choose from one of ten engine power assistance settings and therefore tune the bike to suit any riding style or track surface.

It's worth noting that this ECU is designed primarily for standard engines using racing exhausts. The performance maps come pre-loaded on the device and have been developed by GET engineers in conjunction with some of the best riders. It's also possible to upload different mappings designed for engine modifications such as high compression pistons, cams or
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21 June 2012 12:53

The majority of maxi scooters on the market are powered by large capacity four-stroke engines, so this makes tuning and improving the speed of the average maxi scooter a slightly different route in comparison to the smaller engine two-stroke scooters that most scooterists are familiar with.

We stock a range of big bore cylinder kits, camshafts, carbs etc. and, while these parts yield good peformance gains they're often expensive and fitting is usually out of the question for most resulting in a hefty labour bill too. We believe the most efficient and cost effective maxi scooter tuning solution is in the transmission setup. The key is to maximise the potential of each of the transmission components utilising the power of the engine and transferring it to the rear wheel.

Let’s take a look at what we think is the best and most cost effective route for you in terms of maxi scooter tuning:

The variator

The variator is the key on any automatic scooter, choosing the right variator and setting it up with the correct
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10 May 2012 09:42

Maxi scooters were initially designed for long distance journeys offering ultimate comfort, ease of use and large storage facilities. Like anything in this day and age things grew quickly and people started to notice the sports bike like handling and high speeds that could be reached on these relatively large machines.

With major brands like Polini and Athena jumping on the tuning aspect of things the 'Trofeo Nazionale Maxi Scooter' was created giving people the opportunity of true racing on a maxi scooter. The main scooter of choice in the racing scene has mainly been the Yamaha T-Max 500 with its amazing handling and brakes not to mention a standard speed of around 100mph and much more once a few Polini performance parts are fitted. With the cost of car insurance rising and extortionate fuel costs maxi scooters are becoming more popular as people’s initial choice of transport to work. Check out our extensive range of parts and keep a look out
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